Spay and Neuter Services at Airway Veterinary Hospital

Spay and Neuter Services at Airway Veterinary Hospital

Promoting responsible pet care.

At Airway Veterinary Hospital, we believe responsible pet owners have an opportunity to make a remarkable difference in the lives of their pets and the community through spay and neuter services. Not only do these services protect your own pet’s health and happiness, but they also contribute to reducing the overwhelming number of homeless animals.

Preventing Health Problems Before They Arise

Spaying or neutering your pet helps them live longer, healthier lives by eliminating or reducing specific health and behavior problems, making them better companions.

For females, spaying helps eliminate the risk of potentially life-threatening conditions related to the reproductive system, such as certain types of cancer and disease. It also eliminates the challenges of heat cycles and prevents the stress of unwanted litters.

Neutering males lowers the risk of testicular cancer and reduces the likelihood of certain prostate and behavioral issues. By curbing hormone-driven behaviors such as aggression and the instinct to roam, neutering can contribute to a safer, more harmonious household environment.

Helping End Pet Homelessness

Every year, millions of animals are euthanized or live on the streets due to overpopulation. In the face of this stark reality, you can help build a pet community free from the suffering of homeless animals. When you choose to spay or neuter your pet, you take an active step towards achieving this reality, both for your pet and for countless others seeking compassionate care.

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